The Children of Yangchun

Meet some more of the beautiful children from Yangchun City, Guangdong Province who have joined their forever families.
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Liah Baker Mari Berger and Liah Baker
Liah Margret Yang BakerMari Berger
and Liah Baker

Mari Berger #1Mari Berger #2

Mari Bryce Ziyang Berger

Nicole Shulman #1Nicole Shulman #2Nicole Shulman #3

Nicole Rose Shulman

Grace Forrey #1 Grace Forrey #2

Grace Forrey

Kate Hanley Mary Edmonds
Grace Forrey and Kate HanleyMary Edmonds

Maryellen Loomis Jeannie Weaver
Maryellen Chun LoomisJennie Weaver

Lara McClure #1Lara McClure #2

Lara McClure

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